About Us

Whilst it is a definitive dialect and has its own vocab, for me it represents much more than just a language – it’s part of a culture and heritage. In fact, it’s a way of life. Patois Vie (Patois Life).


Why is Patois Vie important to me?

My parents Winston and Madona were born and brought up in Carriacou, Grenada, West Indies, where patois is most commonly spoken. After moving to England in the 60's they had to adapt quickly to the English language which they did very well.


Growing up in England with my siblings, English naturally became our first language, but we also grew up hearing Mum and Dad speaking to each other in patois. In fact, the older generation within our community could often be heard in the rich language of patois.


In 2005, my parents chose to return home to their beloved Carriacou and once again patois become their way of life. Sadly, in 2017 my beautiful Mum passed away.  Although she’s no longer with us, I’m proud that she left our family enriched with the culture and heritage of her roots.


Since my Mum’s passing I’ve often dreamt of her and in these dreams she always speaks to me in patois. I’ve thought about this a lot and reflected on how important her heritage was to her and this has ignited my desire to find a way to celebrate her love for her roots and somehow bring patois to ‘life’.  It’s this desire and inspiration that has helped me create Patois Vie.


I hope you've enjoyed understanding a bit more about the background and journey which has created Patois Vie.